Healthy Organizations Grow…

Healthy things grow; your yard, your pets, even your kids.  The same holds true for your organization.  Every time you encourage health in an individual, team or organization as a whole,  you encourage an environment where sustainable growth, healthy growth can happen.

We all desire a fulfilling work environment.  We want the teams we’re on and the ones we lead to be efficient and productive, and we want the organization we’ve created to grow and be profitable, yet many of us find yourselves in a completely different scenario.  Personally, you might be emotionally bankrupt or maybe the team you’re on seems slow and a bit dysfunctional.  If you’re a business owner, you might feel like your organization is stagnant and dragging, missing opportunities to expand and grow.   What we crave is health, on an  individual and corporate level.  As one who has wrestled with an unhealthy team and battled through years of personal and corporate work to get healthy, I know that health does not come easy or quick.  We have to work to maintain a passionate drive, a balanced lifestyle and a character of integrity. 

 Healthy individuals… Create healthy teams…Create healthy organizations

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