“My” Plan vs. “The” Plan

I have spent many years dreaming about the future.  What could be?  What should be?  Thus, I have found myself with many, many plans for my life.  I have devised potential programs, ministries, travels,  relationships, even businesses.  The swirl of what could be wets my adventurous side as my leadership training beats the drum of “lead your life, don’t accept it!”   So I dream it, plan it and lead it.   The result is a plethora of ideas.  These ideas have led to a few discoveries and sparks of inspiration, but most fall by the wayside as simply “interesting”. 

There is a lot of excitement in a new idea, and in the creators mind, it seems almost flawless, “This will work…this is it!”  But, looking back at my life, I’ve realized that very, very few of my ideas actually come to reality.   And, the reality of those few ideas that come to fruition look completely different from my original dream.  The plan that I dream and scheme never ends up being the path that God ultimately leads my life down.  My plan never ends up being the plan. 

  • My Plan: Architect…Reality: Pastor
  • My Plan: Children’s Pastor…Realilty: Student Pastor
  • My Plan: College Ministry…God’s plan: Family Ministry
  • My Plan: Jerusalem, California, Colorado, Atlanta…Reality: Virginia?
  • My Plan: Go back to school…Reality: Lani goes back to school
  • My plan: Architecture…Reality: ??

The reality that God has taken me down is always better than anything I could come up with, but still my mind swirls, dreams and schemes.  I will continue to plan because I believe that dreaming is a gift and is essential to discovering your potential in this life; the challenge is learning to live with anticipation.I will keep a loose grip on what could be as God unfolds the reality of what will be.

 Here is my plan…
I wonder what the plan will look like.
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