Success is not on the Surface

One of the most misunderstood and  misrepresented concepts in our culture is the definition of success.  I say “our culture”, but this misunderstanding has been around since the beginning of time.  We as individuals naturally drift towards self-preservation, self focus, and selfish desires, and this ingrained perspective leads us to a place where we warp the idea of “success”.  Self preservation leads us to a place where we desire dominance.  Kill or be killed.  We find ourselves quickly wrapped up in a world that defines success as one who dominates in some arena; finances, position, possessions, physical attributes, charisma, etc.  As you arrive at one of these pinnacles, you realize satisfaction is not discovered.  Satisfaction is never discovered on the surface.  We all desire to be a part of something greater, something greater than simply human accomplishment.  There is a need deep down to impact this world at a soul level, and if we are lost on the surface, the superficial, we miss what we are looking for.  We miss life.  We miss success.  Wealth, position, talents are not the goal, they are simply tools, tools for accomplishing some greater objective, tools for going beyond the surface and discovering what life is really all about.

The challenge….going beyond the surface will require sacrifice (It’s easier to stay shallow)

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