The Contentment Journey

My level of faith is directly connected to my sense of peace.  As I wrestle with uncertainty in my job hunt, challenge of relocation, anxiety of financial shortfalls; contentment is a clear indicator of where I truly am. Despite the uncertainty, do I still have peace?  In all the stress of change, is there an unshakable, unexplainable peace despite what I see with my human eyes.

When facing uncertainty, my default is to drive until I find the solution.  Push until the problem is fixed.  Work harder, work longer, sleep less, don’t stop.  I believe there is room for this reaction when facing challenging times…there are things that only get done when I push to make it happen…but how is my heart during the process?  If all of my pushing is based on my need to control in the uncontrollable, then my heart is not right.  If my drive is based on insecurities then my heart is not right. 

Proverbs talks about “guarding the heart” because it is the wellspring of life.  It’s the heart that is the most vulnerable to my uncertainty, my anxiety and my fears.    When I get caught up in the swirl of the unknown, my nature turns toward preservation and I find myself wrapped up in self absorbed discontentment.  When at peace, my focus is outward (patience with my son, sacrificial love for my wife, affirmation of my daughters emotions, desire to impact the lives of others for good).  When my heart is discontent, when I allow uncertainty to lead, I turn inward, justifying my selfish desires and allowing them to drive my words, attitudes and actions. 

  • Rest in the hands of a God that is bigger than anything you will ever feel…anything you will ever face.
  • Rest in the hands of your creator who cares about your welfare more than you do. 
  • Rest in the hands of a Father who knows all, sees all and has your best interests in mind.

As I rest in faith (which is full of unknowns), I discover peace (in all my unknowns)

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