Feel More, Move Less

In the chaos of moving my family, changing jobs, living in a new place, making new friends, new environments, new schedules, new everything; my thoughts race.  My mind is in constant stimulation, jumping from one new experience to another.  What once involved very little thought (picking up the kids, finding food, going to the park) now involve mental work. Everyday is a collection of short mental sprints to navigate all the “new” environments.  Consequently, I find myself with very little depth of thought.  

I assumed this would not be the case.  Wrapped up in the swirl of new experiences, I should have so much to write about and so much to talk about; yet I find myself rarely blogging and talking less.  A constant barrage of shallow, survival thoughts do not feed the soul. 

I feel less and move more. 

The only time I have been able to go deeper is when I hike.  Alone in the woods, my thoughts have time to penetrate to a heart level.  They move from a sprint to a jog to a walk.  Allowing my soul to feel. 

I need to be in the woods.

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