Choosing to Cheat

Through this transitional experience, I’ve discovered my biggest fear.  It wasn’t money or job security.  It wasn’t missing a great opportunity or having to do work I did not enjoy.  My biggest fear as we shifted our lives was being put in a position where I could no longer continue being the father and husband my kids and wife deserve.  I want to be able to pick my kids up, be by their side when sick, or take off when our marriage needs a weekend.  I didn’t want to cheat my family.  There are many men who can do my job at work, only one man can fulfill my role at home.  That is my first calling.

It’s interesting how God leads your life.

Navigating the job market the last four months and considering what our future holds has been an enlightening, growing experience.  Finalizing my transition out of the “pastor” role of the last ten years, investigating the potential of stepping back into the building design industry, conducting interviews, submitting resumes, dreaming about business ideas as well as a plethora of other distractions associated with moving your family 1000 miles from home, can only be described as a whirlwind.

As I planned (in my limited human mind) where I would work and how I would provide, I developed many grand schemes.  Looking back, none of them would have allowed me to maintain the level of support I desired to give my family.  I needed a simple, local, flexible job.  Something that was established, relational and I get to learn something new without having to create it myself.   Sitting in Starbucks sending out resumes I realized…”I spend so much time here, why not work here.”  Not exactly how I laid out my grand schemes, but I’ve realized it’s a perfect fit for my role and my desires for this season of our lives.  This job opened my eyes and met the need of my biggest fear.

He leads…I follow.

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