The excitement of moving has shifted to a desire for consistency.  My family loves the adventure of change, but we are now craving consistency.  Today the kids are both in school, Lani is more comfortable in her schedule as a student and my work is becoming less “brand new”.  Today begins our rhythm.  Over the next few weeks and months we’ll begin to see what life will really be like here in Virginia.  The consistency of our schedules will allow us to plan, organize and dream.  It’s the consistency of life that craves adventure and the adventures of life that reveals the joy in monotony.  Our family is craving some rhythm.

The biggest shift this rhythm will bring is a change in focus.  The process of moving your family has forced our thoughts, efforts and spending to be self focused.  I believe there are times for selfishness, though very few, when all your time and energy is poured inward to carry your family through chaos.  But the goal of this “inward focus” is ultimately to establish consistency, a rhythm that will allow you to begin to shift your focus to others.  Lani and I are looking forward to building community and making an impact for good as the rhythm allows us to look beyond ourselves.

Let the rhythm begin. 





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