A Planned Identity Crisis

The biggest challenge for me in this transition is that I am not only moving my family, changing all of our established systems and uprooting all of our relational connections; personally I am redefining who I am. It’s a planned identity crisis. I am reshaping the vision of who I want to be. I am a clean slate in God’s hand to mold and shape for His future plans. It’s a beautiful place and a scary place.

so…Who Do I Want To Be?

The adjectives that describe my life will always be the same: faithful, authentic, creative, adventurer, relational, fun, driven, etc. What is changing is the context of how that will play out. For the past 10 years my purpose has been clear…love and serve the people of PCC. It was something I could hold in my hand and say “this is what I do”. Now, my concrete “thing” I’m holding is very abstract, more of an idea than a “hold in my hand thing”.

So…Who Do I want to Be” leads to “What Do I want to do?” leads to “How do I want to get there?”

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