What I am not…

One of the great discoveries of the last few years is the “not”.  I spend a lot of time searching for what God wants to do with my life, (that information is still unfolding, very slowly). Instead, my area of greatest education has been along the lines of what I”m “not” going to do. The “not” has been very insightful in this clarification journey.

I’ve learned I’m not a corporate guy. (I actually knew that already).  Though I admire the leadership talents associated with an executive role, it’s not me (unless I was completely in charge…then it might work).  I’m also not an overly confident entrepreneur.  I love the idea of starting something new, and there are many parts of my personality that would thrive in that environment, but at the end of the day, I don’t think it would be my best work. Obviously planting a church involves a heavy entrepreneurial skill set.  If God ever led me down that path, it would require an extraordinary team around me.  I might have a different perspective on this if I wrapped my heart around a God-sized vision/burden that I feel He’s called me to, but I won’t know until then.  I’m also not a big city type guy.  I love to visit the urban environment, the architecture, the unique spaces, the energy and collection of individuals is fascinating, but not as a permanent residence.  I like space, I connect to God through nature and want to be surrounded by it.  I don’t want to live in the sticks, but I want some land.  I’ve found I’m not immune to past temptations even though I’ve built up resistance.  Things I struggled with years ago linger, and I must remain disciplined.  I’ve rediscovered that I am not an architect.  I love the creative process and I admire well-designed spaces, but my internal passions are not lit up by architecture.  I’m also not a Starbucks store manager or district manager.  I’m not an “Independent Consultant” or Rock Rebar advocate.  I’m also not willing to sacrifice the health of our home environment for financial or career advancement.  I’m willing to work odd, low-income roles so the kids have one of us as a full-time caretaker.  I’m also not an expert in any field (but I’d like to be).

What I am not is just as insightful as what I am.

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