True Respect

What trials measure the depth of a man’s heart?

  • Isolation
  • Failure
  • Sacrifice
  • Exposure
  • Love
We all want to be known, completely.  But being known is not enough.  What we truly desire is to be known but still loved.  This is the sticky side of authenticity.  Will they still love me if they really know me?  The fear of exposure is greater than the isolation of hypocrisy.  Very few live their lives in a way that truly gives others insight into their inner world.  This is why society respects true artists.  Whether through music, paint, words or dance; true artists lay their hearts on the canvas.  The viewing world is free to glimpse into the depths of an artist’s soul and choose to accept or reject. Artists respond in a variety of ways to this level of exposure, but in the end, we all have great respect for someone who is willing to lay it all out there.
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