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An Unpredictable Life

I have been blessed with an unpredictable life. I love it…I hate it! I don’t believe “standard” will ever be used to describe Lani and I.  We both enjoy this, but a life in the minority breeds unique insecurities.  Conversations … Continue reading

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I have begun the search for the right seminary.  To say that I am skeptical of every higher learning institution created to train pastors is a gross understatement.  Every seminary was created with a theological agenda.  By committing to a school, I’m committing to a … Continue reading

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Find Your Soil

“Be who God meant you to be and you will set the world on fire.” -St. Catherine of Siena Over the past 15 to 20 years, this great quote has fleshed itself out in the form of a question: “What’s my purpose … Continue reading

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A Planned Identity Crisis

The biggest challenge for me in this transition is that I am not only moving my family, changing all of our established systems and uprooting all of our relational connections; personally, I am redefining who I am. It’s a planned … Continue reading

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Choosing to Cheat

Through this transitional experience, I’ve discovered my biggest fear.  It wasn’t money or job security.  It wasn’t missing a great opportunity or having to do work I did not enjoy.  My biggest fear as we shifted our lives was being put in a position … Continue reading

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The Contentment Journey

My level of faith is directly connected to my sense of peace.  As I wrestle with uncertainty in my job hunt, the challenge of relocation, the anxiety of financial shortfalls; contentment is a clear indicator of where I truly am. Despite the uncertainty, … Continue reading

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The Antithisis of Efficiency

inefficient: a. Lacking the ability or skill to perform effectively; b. Not producing the intended result c. Wasteful of time, energy, or materials   So much of my life is spent avoiding inefficiency.  The more I can combine tasks and … Continue reading

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