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An Unpredictable Life

I have been blessed with an unpredictable life. I love it…I hate it! I don’t believe “standard” will ever be used to describe Lani and I.  We both enjoy this, but a life in the minority breeds unique insecurities.  Conversations … Continue reading

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What I am not…

One of the great discoveries of the last few years is the “not”.  I spend a lot of time searching for what God wants to do with my life, (that information is still unfolding, very slowly). Instead, my area of … Continue reading

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Find Your Soil

“Be who God meant you to be and you will set the world on fire.” -St. Catherine of Siena Over the past 15 to 20 years, this great quote has fleshed itself out in the form of a question: “What’s my purpose … Continue reading

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A Planned Identity Crisis

The biggest challenge for me in this transition is that I am not only moving my family, changing all of our established systems and uprooting all of our relational connections; personally, I am redefining who I am. It’s a planned … Continue reading

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The excitement of moving has shifted to a desire for consistency.  My family loves the adventure of change, but we are now craving consistency.  Today the kids are both in school, Lani is more comfortable in her schedule as a student and my work is becoming … Continue reading

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Choosing to Cheat

Through this transitional experience, I’ve discovered my biggest fear.  It wasn’t money or job security.  It wasn’t missing a great opportunity or having to do work I did not enjoy.  My biggest fear as we shifted our lives was being put in a position … Continue reading

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Feel More, Move Less

In the chaos of moving my family, changing jobs, living in a new place, making new friends, new environments, new schedules, new everything; my thoughts race.  My mind is in constant stimulation, jumping from one new experience to another.  What once … Continue reading

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